Why a Servant Group and not a Mission Trip?

When people come to work at Our Saviour's on the Rocky Boy's Reservation, we call it a Servant Event or Servant Group instead of a Mission Trip.

Historically, the work "mission" has taken on meanings that have not been healthy for all parties involved. It has often meant a top-down approach to work and giving, i.e. "we are coming to do something for you" or "we are bringing God to you because you don't have or don't know God."

Though the term "servant group" may still not be a term used among people of equal standing, yet it puts those who have often thought of themselves as those "above" into the position of a "lower" status. Instead of saying "we have so much to teach and show you," it helps others to be of the mindset to say "we have so much to learn from you." It is finding out the God is here, and has been here all along, but maybe known and worshiped in a way that is different from what you have been taught.

Servant Groups at Our Saviour's are not just about work that can be done (and work does get done!), but they are also about culturally learning that can be had by meeting with, talking to, and participating in things with the people of the Rocky Boy's Reservation. It is about learning a little bit more about your neighbor in order to break down misconceptions, misunderstandings, and barriers (invisible and, possibly, real) that divide

Instead of using the word "mission trip," let's talk about accompanying one another. Accompaniment is walking with, walking along side, meeting as equals along the road we are walking together. We have much to learn from one another!

Lord, open our hearts and minds to those we meet "along the way" every day. May each of be us an "instrument of peace" and a tool in Your loving hands, to live out the life of Your amazing and all encompassing love here on earth today. Amen.

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